SOFTECH System and Solution has been providing Comprehensive Information and Communication Technology Training to students and corporates for the past 25years. We take pride in having trained over 10000 corporate people and 20000 students and professionals over the past 25years. SOFTECH’s success can be gauged by the confidence that the students have after coming out of SOFTECH and the industry recognition they get for it. Our students highly placed at various levels in the IT industry. We are here to support your goal of producing quality I.T education for students and making them capable of working as IT professional in leading IT Companies or Getting admission in top institutions for higher education. Our Training programs will provide them a cutting edge over others for sure. CERTIFICATIONS for which we provide training are a prized possession for every student and it attracts every MNC around the globe.

SOFTECH, with a legacy of over 25+ years in the I.T education business, pioneers yet another initiative for extending IT education to college students within their campus in collaboration with institutions. Institutional alliances create a communication network that is both affordable and profitable to institutions. SOFTECH alliances an initiative from Infinite Technologies to map engineering across India with latest technical competence to the emerging knowledge economy and help pool of youngsters to educate and have an edge in the fiercely competitive employment market in India, with this SOFTECH has initiated working with engineering colleges in India to invest in education and ensure employability and productivity of candidate’s right from day one.