• Device : Desktop/Laptop/Notebook (CD/DVD player will not work for this CD)
  • Operating Systems : Windows 2003/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 or higher/Ubuntu/MAC
  • RAM : 256MB or more

    Learn ADOBE PHOTOSHOP + COREL DRAW Course package contains following FULL COURSES :

    Adobe Photoshop is a powerful photo editing software tool. Photoshop can be used to enhance your images, whether you are working on a webpage design, Powerpoint presentation, or any document required to be printed.

    The various tools and functions of this software can be now easily learnt at the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP course presented by INCEPTION INDIA. This course has audio-video tutorials, specially designed video Lectures of Adobe Photoshop functionalities where the learners will learn techniques and skills that will give them a solid understanding of the software and an edge for using it better than others.

    The contents of the course are :

    • 1-introduction-to-photoshop 
    • 2-the-interface 
    • 3-understanding-panels 
    • 4-creating-a-new-document 
    • 5-the-menu-bar 
    • 6-the-toolbar-part-1 
    • 7-the-toolbar-part-2 
    • 8-the-toolbar-part-3 
    • 9-setting-the-preferences 
    • 10-rulers-and-guides 
    • 11-making-a-selection-part-1 
    • 12-making-a-selection-part-2 
    • 13-making-a-selection-part-3 
    • 14-making-a-selection-part-4 
    • 15-locking-merging-and-copying-layers 
    • 16-blending-modes 
    • 17-blending-modes-part-2

    2. Corel DRAW
    Corel DRAW Is a feature-packed vector graphics suite which includes a very big collection of fonts and clip arts. A complete range of editing tools that allows the user to produce illustrations of any description though the potential to edit any shape or character with simplicity and accuracy, generate text in paragraph, fiting any text to curves and objects and adding any special effects.

    You can now learn all the fabulous functionalities of this tool simply by going through the COREL DRAW course by INCEPTION INDIA. This course will give you the magical techniques of this tool so as to develop an insight of the functionalities and hence enabling you of taking the maximum out of this tool.

    The contents of this course are :

    • 1-exploring-interface 
    • 2-getting-assistance 
    • 3-open-save 
    • 4-using-drawing-tools 
    • 5-selecting-manipulating 
    • 6-step-and-repeat 
    • 7-power-trace 
    • 8-smart-fill 
    • 9-fit-text-to-path 
    • 10-rounded-scalloped-chamfered 
    • 11-applying-bevels 
    • 12-polygon-star 
    • 13-page-layout 
    • 14-artistic-text 
    • 15-cropping 
    • 16-edit-bitmap 
    • 17-publish-export

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